We have a wide range of unique, handmade ceramics available from £5.

Call into our shop in Yate between 9.00am and 4.00pm, Monday to Friday, or contact us to make a request for custom-made items.

Please note: We’re currently unable to accept credit or debit cards.

Our products are also available to buy from the Brandon Trust charity shops. Also look out for us at craft fairs in and around Bristol.

Items in our range of handmade ceramics

Each item is hand-painted so no two items are identical. Decoration and colours shown are for illustration only.

Plate - Birthday Cake DesignBirthday Cake Plate

Description: Hand-painted birthday cake plate.

Dimensions: 19cm (diameter)

Price: £8.50


Plate - Strawberry DesignStrawberry Plate

Description: Strawberry painted plate.

Dimensions: 23cm (diameter)

Price: £8


Cake StandCake Stand

Description: Beautiful hand-painted cake stand that makes the perfect centre-piece.

Dimensions: 25cm (H), lower plate 25cm diameter, upper plate 20cm diameter

Price: £17


Regency Egg CupsRegency Egg Cups

Description: The perfect handcast cup for your boiled egg.

Dimensions: 6cm (W), 9cm (H)

Price: £5 each


Dog BowlDog Bowl

Description: This bright ceramic dog bowl can be used for water or food.

Dimensions: 22cm (W), 9cm (H)

Price: £12.50


Cupcake Trinket BoxCupcake Trinket Box

Description: Colourful little box in the shape of a cupcake.

Dimensions: 12cm (W), 10cm (H)

Price: £8.50 each


Pig Money Box (large)Pig Money Box (large)

Description: Large piggy bank in different patterns and colours.

Dimensions: 25cm (L), 15cm (W), 20cm (H)

Price: £9


Pig Money Box (small)Pig Money Box (small)

Description: Cute piggy bank for spare change and pocket money.

Dimensions: 16cm (L), 13cm (W), 13cm (H)

Price: £7.50


Muddy Pig and PigletMuddy Pig and Piglet

Description: Muddy pig and her piglet.

Dimensions: 36cm (W), 30cm (H)

Price: £20


Large Goose (head up)Large Goose (head up)

Description: Large ceramic goose standing tall.

Dimensions: 28cm (L), 16cm (W), 26cm (H)

Price: £18


Large Goose (head down)Large Goose (head down)

Description: Sweet goose stretching its neck downwards.

Dimensions: 38cm (L), 18cm (W), 22cm (H)

Price: £18



Description: The beloved puppet in bright colours.

Dimensions: 10cm (L), 9cm (W), 23cm (H)

Price: £11


Large GlobeLarge Globe

Description: This beautiful, glazed sphere looks lovely in the garden.

Dimensions: 24cm (W), 2ocm (H)

Price: £22


Sun Bird HouseSun Bird House

Description: Attract small birds into your garden with this bright, sun-shaped bird house.

Dimensions: 26cm (D), 16cm (H)

Price: £16.50


Patio LanternPatio Lantern

Description: This beautiful lantern will brighten the patio on a summer’s evening.

Dimensions: 17cm (L), 17cm (W), 28cm (H)

Price: £20


Fish ChimneyFish Chimney

Description: This carp lantern is a feature piece for any patio.

Dimensions: 13cm (W), 28cm (H)

Price: £18


Gothic Green ManGothic Green Man

Description: This handcast garden ornament looks great mounted on the wall or in a tree.

Dimensions: 29cm (W), 34cm (H)

Price: £22


Guardian of the ForestGuardian of the Forest

Description: This wise-looking face makes an interesting garden feature.

Dimensions: 20cm (W), 30cm (H)

Price: £24


Green Man PlanterGreen Man Planter

Description: Big plant pot that’s great in the garden or even indoors.

Dimensions: 27cm (L), 27cm (W), 27cm (H)

Price: £32


Toad HouseToad House

Description: A quaint, round house in a range of colours.

Dimensions: 20cm (W), 28cm (H)

Price: £13.50


Sleeping FrogSleeping Frog

Description: Humorous, pond-side frog reading ‘How to catch bugs’.

Dimensions: 26cm (L), 20cm (W), 14cm (H)

Price: £18


Bob the GnomeBob the Gnome

Description: This cute gnome looks fantastic in the garden.

Dimensions: 23cm (W), 30cm (H)

Price: £24


Sitting GnomeSitting Gnome

Description: Cute garden gnome.

Dimensions: 26cm (L), 28cm (W), 29cm (H)

Price: £24


Snuggles the TrollSnuggles the Troll

Description: This friendly fella will look great in the garden.

Dimensions: 36cm (W), 30cm (H)

Price: £26


Snail (large)Snail (large)

Description: Large ceramic snail with delicately patterned shell.

Dimensions: 48cm (L), 26cm (H)

Price: £34.50


Snail (medium)Snail (medium)

Description: Ceramic snail with delicately patterned shell.

Dimensions: 36cm (L), 20cm (H)

Price: £27.50