Fired Up is a community-based ceramics project that offers many opportunities for people to gain new skills and experiences. These may be social, leisure, or could focus on developing work awareness and employment skills in a supportive and safe environment.

Trainees make a valuable contribution to the pottery and at the same time, learn the trade in a professional setting.

Those on placements gain practical skills in ceramics and painting, but also the transferable skills needed for any job, such as teamwork, customer service, health and safety, and timekeeping. Everyone completes a work folder where they keep track of what they’ve learned, and record their aims for the future.

Trainees thrive in the friendly environment, gaining confidence as they master the trade and see their pottery being sold. Many people build friendships, improve communication and social skills, and reduce their social isolation by coming to Fired Up.

All our staff are fully qualified, DBS checked, and passionate about what they do.


At Fired Up we believe that people with learning disabilities and autism should be free to live the lives they choose.

We’re committed to equal opportunities and inclusion, and our community-based project is testament to that. We aim to equip our trainees with skills and experience to prepare them for paid employment.

If you’d like to find out more about placements at Fired Up, please phone or email us.